Don’t Mess With Texas

Believe it or not, Texas had an even worse roadway litter problem a few decades ago than we do now.

This is what typical roadways looked like back in the 1960s & 1970s.

This was along RM 2222 as it winds down the hill to Bull Creek.

This from Texas Highways Magaine

The history of one of the most successful ad campaigns ever’t_Mess_with_Texas

A Smithsonian Magazine Article about the very famous anti-litter campaign.

It guess it’s not just a Texas problem. When traveling through New Mexico we saw billboards concerning their Highway Litter Problem. Evidently they used the slogan Toss No Mas with great success back in the 90s and are bringing it back.

Maybe Texas needs to bring ours back. Only problem, Dont Mess With Texas may need to be translated in 27 different languages. Not sure it will translate to all these new people.

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