The Fiasco Of The Wooden Dolphins

This is the story of making the Wooden Dolphins.

During our time living in Corpus Christi a few years ago is when I carved the largest of my projects, a pair of Dolphins. It was during a time when I was really suffering a lot of lower back pain. I received several steroid injections, was seeing a chiropractor often, but nothing was working. A very nice lady that lived out on The Island helped us with our interior decorating.

One day I was complaining about my back and she told me about a next door neighbor lady of hers that did therapeutic massages, and how they had given her much relief, from an ailment very much like my situation. I was all for trying anything so she helped me get set up with Oksana, the Ukrainian Message Therapy Lady.

Oksana had a room in her home, that was right on the one of the canals, where she did the massages. I probably went to her between 6 and 10 times and it was miraculous how my situation improved.

I showed Oksana pictures of my carvings and she asked if I could do a dolphin for her. I didn’t have a 3-D model of a dolphin but I found a guy in Taiwan that has a model of the double dolphins. We struck a deal that was fairly reasonable, maybe $40 or $50 and he sent it to me electronically. The software model was fairly small in size but with a little playing around I was able to stretch it to make it just over 4’ tall. That size plus a base that was approximately 1’ foot tall make it about the height she had described that would like.

I hadn’t made any real commitment to her that I’d make it. I thought I’d see if it could be done and then I’d talk to her about it once it turned out looking okay.

Below is a video of my machine in the early stages of production of the dolphins, just to give you an idea of the extent of my carving skills, which is really mostly done by a computer and a CNC machine.

About the time my back was all good, I had finished the wooden sculpture. So my last trip out there I took it and gave it to her. She was very proud to receive it.

The Story of the Ukrainian Message Therapy Lady

Oksana was a mail-order bride to a guy that had originally owned the house. He was handicapped and confined to a wheelchair. What I was to learn during the course of these massages was the wealthy fellow had been much more in search of a nurse to care for him than a wife and companion. So after a few years things soured and he left for higher ground and she retained the house.

Oksana spoke with a pretty heavy accent and I don’t have real good hearing, so with that combination, I think I have the above information close to right.

Fast forward a bit, maybe a year and we were relocating back to The Hill Country. On one of my many trips back to the coast before we sold the house in Corpus Christi I got a text from a guy claiming to have a bunch of dirt on me. Below are a series of texts between me and the guy that was trying to shake me down.

I got in touch with the Interior Decorator Lady and Oksana. It had been discovered that the estranged husband had installed spy camera equipment to detect who was coming and going. It was thought that the shakedown artist that texted me worked for her husband. After the texting exchange I never heard anymore out of the deal from that thug. I guess he had no idea that I’d be able to identify him and gather info on him as rapidly as I did.

He decided after a few exchanges that he better shut up and find someone else to screw with.

For you viewing enjoyment, these are screen shots of the texting exchange. (Please excuse the rather course language used)

This image was changed to make this duffus more of the cartoon character he is.

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