The Narcoleptic Motorcycle Rider

I think there are certain things that come naturally but good judgement comes with experience. I owned a Honda Goldwing for about 12 or 13 years but I sold it a couple of years or so back.

I had plans, strictly in my head of getting off and touring the whole country on that bike. I even saw myself going up to Alaska. I just never got around to it and it wasn’t because I couldn’t find the time. Something kept telling me there was a better way for me to spend my time.

I only took one long trip on it and that was to Tulsa, Oklahoma. I know that’s not that far by some motorcycle traveling enthusiasts standards. I think I trusted myself on that trip because it was cold going up. Of course I just made it to Fort Worth the first night. On the way home it rained straight down, very hard a good part of the way back.

Being a chronic narcoleptic, I wasn’t tempted to fall asleep going or coming home on that trip.

I think my own experiences in life kept me from ever breaking out and riding across the county. Something underlying told me that getting out on a long open road on a nice sunny afternoon with the wind blowing around me may make for a good nap. Sitting on the front porch effects me that way.

I have traveled about as far as anyone besides an over the road truck driver or an astronaut, but taking a slight doze behind the wheel of a car or truck is a lot more forgiving than a two wheeler would be.

I estimate that I’ve driven around four million miles in the past 54 years. I feel so grateful that my experiences in life have provided me with such wonderful foresight, in matters like this.

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