T & S Manufacturing – Jermyn, Texas

Originally posted on May 30, 2017

Anyone that has spent very much time driving around the rural ranching areas of Texas, have probably seen plenty of these Trip Hoppers as well other cattle feeding equipment manufactured by T & S.

Of course Jermyn, Texas is a long way from Marble Falls, where I was raised, but just about anyone from here have a special kinship to T & S.

The Taylor Family, Charley & Liz along with sons Jimmy Dan & Pat, were residents of Marble Falls up until the early 1970s.

Charley was instrumental in forming the Marble Falls Rodeo Association in the mid 1950s and was the Announcer until the time they moved north to Oklahoma and North Texas to pursue the ranching business. No one ever called a rodeo and did it any better. His skills were truly right up there with Hadley Barrett and I’m not BSing anyone.

Eventually Charley and his sons saw the need to distribute range cubes more efficiently than was being used – pulling up and getting out of the pickup in the pasture and manually pouring out sacks, then getting in and moving to the next area.

They formed T & S Manufacturing and changed the way ranchers fed cattle.

Charley and Liz are both gone now, but Jimmy Dan and Pat continue on with their great enterprise.

In the past couple of months I have had the opportunity to see and visit with both of the Taylor Brothers at a couple of reunions back in the Marble Falls area. I am very proud to see a great company built and operated for decades by friends of mine. A real testament to hard work and honest dealings.

Click on the video link to hear Jimmy Dan and Pat telling about the T&S Trip Hopper Feeder.


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