He Shouldn’t Have Been Dragging His Feet To Give Us The Thumbs Up

Back in the mid 1990s we were doing a lot of work on new apartments. There was one big builder that we had done several projects with. He would only give us the underground pipe work, allowing another contractor to do the excavation and other site work.

He was always about to pull his hair out each time using Brand X, but really enjoyed the fishing trips they would take him on.

The vacant property at the old Texas State Hospital at 38th between Lamar and Guadalupe was made available for development so this developer had a deal to put apartments on that site. We came in with a very competitive number to do the entire site-work package. It was the ideal job for just one contractor to do everything, instead of breaking it up.

Marty told us we were good with our number but never would have his Houston office send the contract over. It was Thanksgiving weekend coming up and we had already moved our equipment onsite in anticipation of getting started.

I kept thinking something was up that we didn’t get our contracts. Marty didn’t want to alienate the other contractor so because they had a big fishing trip planned. I figured the next thing I’d hear was Brand X had trimmed their number and would be doing the excavation portion.

Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving came and everyone scattered for a long weekend. Marty lived in Dallas.

I had everyone show up Friday morning and even moved a few more pieces of machinery over. When Marty got to the job the following Monday, we had all the major excavation done and was well into the pipe work. He didn’t know what to say, other than “what are y’all doing”.

It wasn’t like he could cancel out on us at that point, so he had the contracts sent on over and we went ahead with the job. Everyone was better off for it. Well except Brand X.

Since I wasn’t big on fishing, we took Marty to Vegas for a fun weekend.

Our relationship continued on for several more years until he transferred to another company and away from Austin. I was good while it lasted.

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