The Man – Goat Head – 2008

This story is one of the more puzzling things I have ever encountered.

In about 2010, I pulled up to the Shell Station and dropped someone off that had been riding with me. I was on the side of the building at the back, with a clear view of the backend where the trash dumpster was located. I was just sitting there, reading an email after the other party had left.

There was a red Hummer, an H3, drove up. A young man maybe in his early 30s got out and surveilled the area. I suppose he couldn’t tell that I was sitting in my suburban watching him. He opened the backseat door and reached in and retrieved a wooden box. He held it in deep contemplation for a few moments and then reach over and laid it gently in the dumpster.

With that he stepped in the Hummer and made a wide circle and left the way he had come. I noticed he went up and turned and headed south on a Farm to Market road a block up the way. I couldn’t understand what was going on for sure but it looked suspicious.

I drove over to the dumpster and got out and retrieved the box. My first thought was that I had observed a drug drop. I opened it up and inside was an executive office putter set. The box on the front said:
The Man – Goat Head – 2008

It occurred to me that I needed to know who had just deposited the box with golf stuff in it, in the trash.

So I knew if I could find the red Hummer, I could get the license number, trace the guy down and have some fun. So I tore out down the Farm to Market road. He had a minute or so head start, but if I drove a 100 mph I should be able to catch a glimpse in a 3 or 4 miles.

My plan being to get an address and then wrap up the box and mail it to him. I could only think about how funny a feeling the guy would have if he opened a box and his putter equipment was there before him.

I after 10 miles I turned back without ever seeing the Hummer. I stayed on the lookout for that car for several days knowing if I saw the Hummer I’d be able to recognize the driver. It just wasn’t to be.

Perhaps that was all for the best. Maybe he had been given that as a gift and didn’t want his wife to see it. Maybe he’d stolen it and just wanted it out of his sight. The strange part was the inscription on the lid of the box. It had 2008 on it, but that was a couple of years past.

I finally just put the box on a shelf in the storeroom. Today I took it down to take a picture to post here. The club and balls were long gone. Probably a grandson got it out to play with it and that was the end of that.

I was able to find and exact duplicate of it online just to show its likeness.

I still like to play over in my mind what the guy would have thought if he opened it up and there was his putter.

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