On Being A Father

Being a dad has been one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. When I watch all my boys travel through their own lives, and doing it right, I feel like my part is mostly done.

Never having a real rough patch with any one of the five boys, has been a true blessing. Of course there have been a little spat here and there. If there hadn’t been, it would be because they were just going along with whatever I said. Then they wouldn’t be their own man.

The main thing is we’ve never been estranged for more than a few hours, no matter the situation.

Being a numbers guy, I did what I always do with occasions like this. I figured up how times I’ve been celebrated as a father on Father’s Day. That number is 210 times. (Each sons age, added together) I don’t remember any of them ever missing telling me Happy Father’s Day. Well at least after they got old enough to talk or possibly when they were unable to during their time in the Service.

I can honestly say that I swell with pride when I’m in the company of my sons.

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