I Felt Kind Of Guilty For Contributing To This Fellow Getting Fired

Alvin was a TxDot employee, the supervisor over all of the survey crews. I first got to know him in the early 70s when we were contracted to work on the I-35 expansion through downtown Austin. TxDot did all the layout in those days and had a bunch of survey crews. Now-a-days they mostly hire it all out I think. In fact they may not even have a survey division.

Sometime later, around 1980, Alvin was seeing retirement coming so he started his own surveying company and would go out on weekends and do work. I hired him to do the layout on a project in Oakhill.

I kept waiting for him to get me some information one day. Finally I called him and he said he lacked a few minutes of survey work and would run by and get it at lunch and call me by early afternoon.

He did just as he said he would. The only problem, he went by in the TxDot vehicle and someone filmed him with a couple of state workers helping him run some levels. On their lunch break.

Couple of days later the major news story was State Employee Doing Private Projects During Work Hours…………

Our job site was right there on the news film.

He went full time into the private surveying business, losing his long held job. I really don’t think he had any idea that what he did was out of line. He drove no more than 2 blocks out of his way and did 5 or 10 minutes worth of work during his lunch hour.

I always felt bad for him. It was a bum wrap. He continued to do work for us for years. He was a great guy.

Only thing bad I can think of about him: he smoked a stinking ol pipe.

3 thoughts on “I Felt Kind Of Guilty For Contributing To This Fellow Getting Fired

      1. Neither did I. Partly because I was a bit over-religious, but probably more because I was (and kind of remain) such a cheapskate.


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