It Has Come That Time In My Life

As old age catches up to me, I find myself in almost constant pain. Not my whole body. Just my right hand. I thought perhaps it was carpal tunnel, but after looking up the symptoms of that condition, I decided it’s not that. It’s more of pain in the middle of my palm and my thumb.

It has been bothering me for several months. Maybe even a couple of years.
I know I don’t have any broken bones in my hand, but I think I need to go get a cast put on it if I ever expect it to heal.

Then it finally dawned on me that this all started when I got my last iPhone upgrade. I went to one of the biggest ones they make. I convinced myself that bigger must be better.

So holding my phone in my right hand, typing with my thumb caused me to constantly stretch that digit a good inch farther than it’s meant to go. Hence the need for a cast. But I guess with a little discipline, I could just stop doing what I’m doing and get over it. I was afraid my FB life will suffer.

I remind myself of the Hee Haw skit where the feller goes in to see the doctor (Archie Campbell) and he’s say “Doc it hurts when I do that” to which Archie would say “Well don’t do that”.

I am coining a new name for this condition – TechnoThumbitis

I originally wrote this a long while back. But my IPhone X-Max went on the fritz the other day so I went into the Apple Store and got myself a new iPhone 12. But this time I didn’t go for the biggest model they had. I went with one that my right thumb could more easily reach across the keyboard. Now I’m ready to peck out some more stories without endangering the health of my hand.

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