The Hudson Hornet

I’ve told a story about the old couple, Minnie and Charlie Campbell showing up in Smithwick back in the 60s. Charlie was a Studebaker man.

He always claimed he would never drive anything but a Studebaker. He and Minnie drove off one day and when they came back a few days later he had bought Minnie a car and it wasn’t a Studebaker. It was a very clean 1951 Hudson Hornet. The picture below shows what it looked like. He messed with it and never could make it run right so he parked it out under a tree and it set there for years. I wish I could find it now. I bet it would be with some money.

The lower picture is a Studebaker very much like they drove. When they’d drive up and open the doors on that thing there would be dogs pouring out of it and running in all directions. They enjoyed dogs and picked up every one they ever saw on the side of the road.

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