Winfield’s Expert Witness

After all of our wild rides through life with Winfield as our CPA, he called on Kenny to testify as an expert witness in a case in Travis County after he switched to being a lawyer. This was in the late 1980’s.

There was a personal injury case involving someone hurt in a mishap with an animal. Not sure if it was a horse or a cow. But something Kenny knew something about.

To prepare for the trial, Winfield came in from Houston. They decided to meet at The New West Nightclub in North Austin. After several hours of preparation, they decided to leave and get the much needed rest before it was time to show up in court the next morning. Either that or it became closing time.

Winfield always had a certain abruptness about him when he had too much drink. I think he decided to order Kenny around as they were getting ready leave. As much as Winfield was abrupt, Kenny Lewis never took to anyone barking out orders, especially when he had been drinking. Out in the parking lot thing erupted into some slapping and wrestling, finally with Kenny on top rubbing Winfield’s face around on the asphalt parking lot. They eventually worked out their differences.

When Winfield got to court the next morning it was obvious that he hadn’t brought a change of clothes or made it to a hotel to freshen up. He must have had a pretty good case because his client prevailed, despite him showing up in court with a skinned up forehead and a knee ripped out of his trousers.

To show his appreciation for Kenny testifying, they left the courthouse and headed straight to Sugars Gentleman’s Club to celebrate.

I’m not sure they ever hugged and kissed to make up, but all was well between them.

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