A Moment Of Panic (from a few years ago)

I was on the road out of Corpus this morning. I got a call from the police department. Did we own a Cadillac STX, gray in color? I said we did.

The dispatcher said they had gotten a call from ONSTAR about that car, which is Madeline’s. It could have been stolen, hijacked or involved in an accident. I asked her to let me go so it could call my wife. She said okay and she would call be back in 5 minutes.

I started calling Madeline. No answer. Finally on the third try she answered. She was laughing. She was in GattiLand with our granddaughter Avery and daughter in law, Tish. They were having a good ole time.

Avery had pushed the Onstar button as they were getting out, but Grandma thought she cancelled it before it went through. I guess she hadn’t.

Sure enough the dispatcher called back to verify that all was well.

Maybe ONSTAR is a good thing to have.

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