Cecil Lewis Smoked One Joint In His Whole Life

Cec was well into his 60s and had never smoked marijuana. He is a man that had not lived a completely pure life, but for whatever reason smoking pot or doing drugs was something that had never appealed to him.

He had a fellow living at his fishing camp that had enjoyed a long life of pot consumption. Virgil tempted Cec with a baggie of weed one day.

Not knowing how he was going to react to it’s effects, he decided to take it with him and find a convenient time to smoke some without calling too much attention to it.

The appointed time came one afternoon when he was home alone. Bonnie Gay had gone off to town so he got the baggie out. That’s when he figured out he didn’t have any rolling papers. Cec was always very resourceful. So he found a brown paper bag and tore off a pretty good piece of it. He poured enough of the weed in the paper so when he rolled it up it was about the size of a King Edward Cigar.

Their house was pretty much the Grand Central Station of Smithwick with people randomly coming and going all the time, so he went upstairs where there was a little balcony. On the balcony was a pull attic staircase so he took his marijuana cigar and a battery operated lantern and headed up in the attic to give smoking pot his first try.

The account of what happened came from him with no known witnesses. But I heard him tell the story several times and it was always the same.

He found a place up there where he could lean back and relax. He fired it up. Being someone that was always in a hurry he wanted to get it smoked before Bonnie Gay got back. So in a matter of minutes he had smoked the whole thing.

He started feeling dizzy and thought it may just be from the heat up in that closed in space. So he decide it would be best to get to down where he could get some fresh air.

His legs wouldn’t work. He began to get a little worried that he was passing out. He was completely disoriented and things were spinning. He thought he might just die up there. He never was sure how long it took him to get out of the attic.

Cec never did decide to smoke the rest that was left in that baggie. He said “I thought I’d better just stick to drinking beer“.

2 thoughts on “Cecil Lewis Smoked One Joint In His Whole Life

  1. Haven’t touched a speck of it since I was 27, and precious little before that, I can affirm that sticking to drinking beer is the better part of valor.


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