My Morning Trip To The Doctor

I bring you this soliloquy this fine morning reminding us all to do the right thing and don’t take shortcuts in life. These shortcuts come with there own set of problems.

My point at hand started when I drove over to Marble Town this morning for a doctor appointment. Out of all my doctors I go see, this is one I don’t really mind going to. This little gal is a cute as a bug in a rug, and she can out talk me. Besides that the things she does, I can see the results within a couple of days. She’s my Dermatologist.

When I go to my Heart Doc or my Urologist, it’s anybody’s guess if what they did is really going to do any good.

To get to my point here, when I got in the exam room the nurse had me to remove my pants, shoes and socks. She handed me a pair of shorts to wear. They were made out of paper. Not exactly paper but not fabric either. Kind of in between. They are definitely disposable. I did as instructed and took a seat. That little Ol Chatty Cathy Doctor came in a couple minutes after I was all dressed with nothing but those shorts and my tee shirt on. She went over me real good. Hit me with freezing gas a few times.

The nurse told me I could get dressed as she was leaving the room. So I jerked on my trousers. I didn’t bother to remove those shorts and then left out once I got my socks and shoes on.

I knew I hadn’t made a wise choice once I set down in the pickup. Those things started to ride up got me in a little bit of a bind as I came on down the highway.

But once I got to the Blue Bonnet to eat a little breakfast, I had to make a pitstop. That’s when I really figured out that I had made a real error in judgement, leaving those things on. There ain’t a slit in the front of those things and that paper can’t be torn that easily either. I sure didn’t want to get my knife out and take a chance of becoming a gelding.

Needless to say I almost had to undress to take care of things. Once I get home and model these fancy drawers for my wife, they are going in the trash.

On a side note, between Kenny and me, one or the other of us seem to be heading to doctor about every other day. It’s not that we are especially sickly, but we like to keep an eye on our health. Or maybe we are a couple of hypochondriacs. We make a point to check in with one another to let them know which kind of doctor we are headed off to this day. Of course it’s been worse lately, as we like to get our annual appointments out of the way early in the year.

There’s one more thing about me going to this appointment. Every time I arrive there I wonder what happened to the Wendy’s that use to be there in that location. They weren’t found to have had dead bodies in the back or feeding people dog food were they. It was busy as could be and then suddenly closed.

Oops, there is one other thing. I did something I’ve been waiting many years to do and I finally did it this morning. I paid my tab at the Blue Bonnet using my MasterCard.

2 thoughts on “My Morning Trip To The Doctor

  1. I enjoyed this. Thanks. Your comment about the pocket knife and becoming a gelding was really fun. You, sir, have a way with words. Stay healthy. Stories are good, and they’ll come from other quarters. Health is more valuable.

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