The Big Accident

Below are two of our early Angora Chronicles Stories that some will remember, while others probably never heard about.

It is stories that involves my beloved Grandson Will “Catfish” Lewis. While it happened when he was still 11 years old, it lives on in my memory almost every time I drive out my front gate. Will turned 16 yesterday and now has his own pickup to drive. He is a very good driver and I wish him all the best and hold high my prayers over him for his safety every time he is behind the wheel.

This is the post from a very grateful Dad soon after the accident.

This is the post a little later on from a Son that was proud to be alive. This was written a few weeks after the accident.

One thought on “The Big Accident

  1. I don’t know if anyone was praying for me when I was 16, licensed and on the road, but I gave some guardian angels a workout.
    My own kids grew up in Taiwan, where licenses to drive aren’t issued until age 18. Each went off to college in America as a non-driver. I think that may have saved their lives, or at least given the guardian angels a generation’s break. Each drives now, and probably better for not having to overcome bad teenage habits.
    May Catfish be safe wherever he goes, and may the polar bears tremble at the very idea of his name.

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