It Was Perhaps The Worst Purchase I Ever Made

It all came about because 38 years ago today, September 27, 1982 we welcomed our twins sons into our lives. We knew things would change so in an attempt to get things in order, in went down to the dealership and bought a new GMC Suburban.

It was a beautiful thing. It had been the sales managers demonstrator so I was able to strike a good deal on it. It was a medium blue on the top and bottom with the center portion a dark midnight blue. Part of the paint scheme in those days was to have some wide racing stripes coming up across the hood on both sides.

I rolled up at the house in it, got a very pregnant Madeline and the three boys in it for the test drive. I don’t remember us going very far, maybe down to Furr’s Cafeteria. We went there often in those days. We returned home, one happy little family, to await the arrival of the next two.

I think it was a day or two later when my wife asking where the third seat was. In those days the back bench bolted in, not the fold down kind we have now. I explained that I would come home and return to the dealership to retrieve the seat.

I drove up and collared the salesman that had sold it to me and told him I’d be needing the other seat, being sure that they had it sitting around there someplace. He got out the paperwork and discovered that it had been ordered without a third seat.

I told him to order another seat. After a call to the factory they informed me it wasn’t equipped to accommodate the third seat. No bolt holes and mounting brackets. The second seat wasn’t even made to fold down to allow entry to a third seat.

I had told the salesman when buying it, that our family was increasing to seven, hence my need to buy a new suburban.

For whatever reason it didn’t occur to me to take it back and exchange it for another. Probably because those things were scarce as hens teeth back then and it was the only one they had. That doesn’t even sound logical now, looking back on it. I think I was just hardheaded enough to believe I’d come up with another bench seat.

All the seat belt and car seat rules were a few years off at that time, so for awhile a couple of boys would ride back there, sitting on a blanket.

Not too long after the twins got here, we went down to the Buick place and bought her a new station wagon. I checked to be sure it had all the seats in it before we closed the deal.

Of course the back seat was turned around backwards with those passengers facing the rear, with the air conditioning inadequate to cool that far back. So when she went anywhere, a couple of boys would be ringing wet with sweat and car sick by the time she reached her destination.

It became a fight of who had to sit in the back seat. I always said if they were fighting about that, they’d find something else to fight about.

Jason and Justin with their Mother on a cruise a couple of years ago.

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