Enjoying Spending Time With My Two Oldest Granddaughters

It was 8 years ago yesterday when Holly and Emma were early teen and preteen. The three of us went down to The Woodlands, Texas for them to attend a music concert. As they look back and reminisce about that trip I think they count it as one of their best adventures.

Now we are one a 8 day trip that had us fly into Salt Lake City, then we drove up to Bear Lake and stayed our first night with them and their Grandma sleeping in a Conestoga Wagon (fixed up very nicely to accommodate the three of them) Their Uncle Jason and I slept in a glorified tent. I have to say the girls had the better go of it.

But we can all lay claim to having gone Glamping (Glamourous Camping) at The Conestoga Ranch at Bear Lake.

From there we drove up to Jackson, Wyoming where we spent 2 days exploring the Jackson Hole area.

The next three days were spent at Yellowstone. Everyone says it wasn’t as crowded as a normal July, due to the restrictive travel from the Covid-19 pandemic. We actually stayed 3 nights in West Yellowstone, Montana.

Holly and Emma are standing on opposite sides of the Continental Divide, as we left Montana and entered Idaho.

As you can see in 8 years the girls have changed a lot. (At least in looks. Not sure about their actions)

We left Yellowstone yesterday to start our trip back to Salt Lake City, where we’ll fly back home tomorrow. We are coming back through Idaho, where were saw Crater of the Moon National Park yesterday.

This is a panoramic view of our accommodations last night. The almost completely vacant Almo Inn in Almo, Idaho. (A real find)

Today we will see City of Rocks Natural Reserve and Castle Rock State Park, both close together in southern Idaho. From here we’ll be heading to Salt Lake to spend the night.

I’m afraid I’ve let time slip by to be able to make a trip like this with my grandsons. They have all become grown and busy with jobs and family duties. Well except Will (Catfish), whom we tried to get to come on this trip with us. At 15 years old, his schedule has filled up to where it’s hard to get him away from home or maybe he’s too old to be traveling with grandparents. We’ll have to see what the future holds.

We rented a large van to travel in that held us and our luggage and gave us all plenty of room to spread out. The real way to travel.

Now is the time to start planning trips with our 5 younger granddaughters. In the next couple of years they will be ready to spread their wings and hit the road, I hope.

This country has so much to offer, it’s a shame to not take in as much as possible.

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