Mr. Bob Coffee – Sculptor Extraordinaire

I was at a funeral in Smithwick this morning of Marvin Turner. While standing around visiting afterwards I sauntered over where Kenny was conversing with a group of gentlemen that were all neighbors with he and Marvin down on Cow Creek.

After Kenny introduced me all around, a kindly gentleman, the most senior of the group said “you are the fellow that wrote that book, The Angora Chronicles, aren’t you”? Of course I immediately took credit for it. He said he has just finished reading it. He asked if there were other editions. I feigned at how busy I am, but I thought it should happen before long.

Recognizing who this fellow was, I stepped in close, trying to get within good earshot and at the same time trying to social distance, I asked him about his sculptures. He starting naming them off, many of which I’ve seen. They are scattered all around the world. When I got home, I looked up his website because there were too many to remember. Below are some thumbnails of some of his works, then a link to that website.

If you google his name, there is much more to see.

Below are a few examples of Mr. Coffee’s work.

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