I Remember When I Enjoyed Reading The Readers Digest

I went for years reading it every month. There wasn’t a section of it that I didn’t enjoy. We even maintained a subscription to it for many years.

That poor little magazine seems to have dwindled to almost nothing. I bought it a few times after they changed the format, downsized it and made it awful.

Did the publisher of that magazine ruin it on purpose or what. You could say that the talent just isn’t around that can be hired. But really so much of it was stuff sent to them. Good stories, good jokes.

But as for becoming unreadable, Texas Monthly did about the same thing at the same time. When I used to go into a doctors office, I knew I’d be able to entertain myself regardless of how long the wait, because they was always a great magazine laying there. Now if I didn’t have my iPhone, I’d be sitting there stewing the whole time, because I’d be bored out of my gourd.

Perhaps it’s just me. I’m the one that seeing things differently. Maybe there’s nothing at all wrong with Readers Digest or Texas Monthly. I have just become the cranky old fool we have always been told about.

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