Connecting People (it’s like connecting the dots)

It’s strange how people all around the country are connected and we never realize it.

I was reading about the Wolf Family from Georgetown (they owned the land where the Wolf Ranch Shopping Center is located). We did a lot of work around that development and got to know some of that family. Actually I had known Harry Robertson that married into the Wolf family since childhood. His sister had married one of my first cousins, back when I was just a kid, so we would see them every so often. Later Harry operated a Gulf Station at I-35 and Texas 29 and I traded there when I was in the area.

Mr. Jay Wolf (the patriarch) died back in the 90s. Wondering about Mrs. Wolf, Bettie, I found her obit. She had passed on in 2008. While looking at that obit, I saw where her sister was Naoma Glosson from Dripping Springs. We had attended church with Pete and Naoma for several years in Dripping Springs in the 80s. They were very nice people.

Their daughter, Marlene was our pianist and a lovely person. She was married to Marvin Myers, a first cousin of the “favorite son” of Marble Falls, Roy Myers.

I love just playing the game of “connect the people”.

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