Kenny In the Corn Field

Back in the day before age caught up with Kenny Lewis and tamed him, he would put in a full day in the construction business and then run around the country side taking care of his livestock interests. While mixing alcohol and construction was never a good thing, he felt differently about the consumption of a few beverages while tending to his cows.

One particular evening late, I think his actions will demonstrate that, he may have overindulged in drink. He was in a fully decked out Chevrolet pickup pulling a long gooseneck cattle trailer on the country roads out east of Pflugerville in the farming country. He was probably exceeding the recommended speed limit, with a mobile phone to his ear, if I know him.

If you’ve ever been over in that part of the country you’d know how the roads are straight as an arrow for a ways, then it will make a 90 degree turn. That night ole Ken was traveling along just fine until he got to the corner. At that point he continued straight, running a long ways into the farmers corn field.

When the pickup finally came to a complete stop he was setting pretty well hidden from site in corn growing taller than his truck and trailer.

Something had caused the truck to die and wouldn’t start for a quick exit. In his wisdom, the thinking of a man with a few too many beers perhaps, he stepped out of the pickup to assess the situation. Then he discovered he had accidentally locked the doors.

Knowing his chances of a clean get away was slipping by him, he needed to remain hidden. With the headlights sending off an eery glow in an otherwise dark corn field, he needed to turn them off. But how could he if the doors were locked?

The next best thing came to mind. Reach into the tool box and grab a hammer and beat the headlights out. With that done, he needed to plan his next move. Luckily he had a friend just a short hike for the scene of the accident. Somehow with the help of his buddy they went back and retrieved the evidence. Then he used the hammer to knock out a side glass. But since he had no headlights he had to sleep on the friends couch and make a run for it the next morning.

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