Amazing What A Little Care Will Do

These two dogs were dumped out (most likely) down on the east end of Cow Creek.

You can see they were in bad shape and probably had little to eat in days.

When my brother Kenny heard about them, he took a loaf of bread down to put out and see if he could capture them.

One of the two came right over and would eat a scrap of bread every time he tossed one out. Eventually he got that one to come right up to him. The second dog wanted nothing to do with him or his bread. It would only stand at a distance and glare.

He took a snare and would reach through it to feed that one. After a little while it was eating out of his hand. He slipped the snare over of its head and got little resistance. He lead it to the tailgate to lift it into the bed of the pickup. That became a little more of a struggle. Once in there he tied him securely in.

All he could think of was how in the world would he ever catch the second one. He turned away, then heard a noise. The other one had ran and jumped in the back. Being a couple of miles from his place, he took off hoping the unsecured would stay in.

He drove up to his barn where he has a large dog kennel and got them both inside their own enclosure.

They started feeding them regularly. This is what those two look like today.

They are both still a little skittish, and not completely trusting. But their overall appearance is so much better.

Not bad for 3 weeks of care and feeding.

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