The Drunk Lady and a Strange Coincidence

When I was young, maybe 8 or 9 we lived at Jollyville. One Sunday night my Mom, Dad, Kenny and Me, left our Grannie Ruby’s house late in the evening. As we were heading, up Burnet Road, there was a car driving very erratically. Suddenly it ran up over a curb and came to a sudden stop. Our Dad, Cecil, got out to go check. It was a well to do lady in a very nice car than was extremely intoxicated. She was in no shape to drive. He agreed to drive her home. It was only a few blocks away and we followed. He even assisted getting her in the door.

The next morning Cecil was due to interview for a new job. It was to do maintenance for the Brown School in north Austin, a place for troubled kids.

When he arrived that morning, A School Administrator that was to interview him was the lady he had helped home the night before. He never mentioned it to her and she evidently didn’t remember him. He was given the job and worked there for a short time until a better paying construction opportunity opened up.

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