More About Jester Blvd.

We had just finished getting the entire length of the boulevard built from bottom to top, the base was laid and tested, the curbs were all in, all we needed to do was put the asphalt down when the Memorial Day Flood of 1981 hit Austin. During the course of that one night and day, the torrents of water that came down, coupled with the extreme steep grades, we saw 3500 tons of limestone flex-base disappear from that hill. To give you an idea of how much that is, it took 150 large 18 wheeler loads to replace it.

In addition we also lost close to 1600 linear feet of concrete curb that became undermined and literally fell down into the canyon below.

There was flex-base was piled 4 feet high across FM 2222 highway and extended all the way into Bull Creek.

I drove to that jobsite the next morning and the thought of sitting down and crying crossed my mind. If the rain had come a week or two later the asphalt would have been in place and damage would have been minimal.

These are photos 39 years later. They show the steepness that is Jester Blvd.

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