This Popped Up From A Long Ago Post Of Mine….. Like Six Years Ago Today.

To clear the air a bit. A couple days ago, one of the members of this forum (FB Friend) chided me a bit for my misspelling and grammar usage. It was in a joking way and I really don’t care what she thinks, just because she has her teaching credentials. (Big deal Laurie – And I am really jabbing her for jabbing me)

I’m not here to write a treatise that will end up in the Library of Congress. My point here in my posts are to convey my thoughts in a matter that would be liking to me speaking in person to any one of you.

If I sound like a country bumpkin, it may be because for the most part I am one.

I was never very good in school, in any subject, because I had many interests that were always out an adjacent window or somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind. But to top that off, English was by far my worst subject and the one I dreaded the most. And the one that the English teacher dreaded me showing up for the most.

Most of the time if I start sentences with AND or BUT, I do that because that is the way I talk not because I don’t know better.

And one thing you can be sure of is I probably won’t be changing the way I write.

But if you are really annoyed by it, just get used to it.

Oh, while we are on this grammar thing if I write YOUR when it really should be YOU’RE please give me heck to no end because that drives me crazier than any thing else in the lexicon of American English.

One more thing about YOU’RE. Aren’t contractions used to shorten words and make writing faster? You are uses the same number of key strokes. Well maybe that’s not what contractions are for.

One more thing. Yes I’m rambling. A lot of times I will write or say a word that you have never heard of. When that happens, those are called Smithwick-isms (where my roots are deep down in the soil) or Cecil Lewis-isms (My Dad)

Both are ingrained in me and I hate to not keep them close to my heart.

Nuff said about this? I can go on if you want me too.

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