The Gift of the Anvil

This mini-anvil was recently given to me by a friend. “Punk” had my brother, Kenny dig it out of the barn a few weeks ago so he could bring it to me. It has become a “prize possession” to me.

This little anvil only weighs slightly over 25 lbs. I’m not sure if it at one time was part of a vise or was somehow mounted on something.

DL “Punk” Turner and his brother GH “Son” Turner farmed and ranched down on Cow Creek here in Burnet & Travis Counties all of thier lives. We lost son just over 4 years ago. A few months ago Punk moved up to the Bertram Nursing Home. He will turn 91 next month.

I stopped in to get the story about the little anvil. Punk told me that anvil was small enough to throw in the back of the pickup and haul from place to place. It had belonged to his dad. He would use it while working on tractors and equipment and multiple other ways around the place.

It’s not likely anyone will separate me from my little anvil.

Below is a photo I found online of one very similar with a vise attached to the side. (So I guess my speculation was correct)

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