What A Novel Idea !!!!

We have all grown used to calling up customer service and talking to someone that you can’t understand. That’s because that person is actually sitting in a call center in India, The Philippines or Bangladesh.

I was having a conversation with a lady that works in a call center located right here in our fair little town of Bertram. You say you didn’t know there was a call center located here. It’s right in her home. Yes, she and her husband can remotely log in when they have time, day or night and take calls from people all over the United States and maybe beyond. This is a system that the company “My Pillow” uses to answer our questions and take our complaints. And you can understand them.

I hope other businesses will adapt to that call center model. It gives people the opportunity to be at home, make a living and speak to customers in a language they can understand. All by the miracle of the Internet.

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