A Strange Thing Happened Early This Morning

I woke up and decided finish watching America’s Got Talent that I had drifted off in middle of last night. What would I do without a DVR?

As I watched I bumped the remote control, causing it to change channels. It went to live TV. The following commercial was on. I picked up on it the second it started. I let it play out, then backed it up and recorded it.

The reason I went to all that trouble you see, I saw my life playing out.

Yes, 47 1/2 years ago my girl friend and I walked in the same store and bought our rings. We bought our rings from the very guy that is making the commercial. All three of us now have graying hair, but back then we were all just kids started out our lives as adults.

Who would have guessed that all these years later I would accidentally hit a button on a TV remote, record this commercial and put it on a social media site called Facebook, at 2:15 AM in the morning.

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