You’ve Always Been Told To Not Light A Fire With Gasoline

We were taking earlier about a boy dropping a match in a dump truck gas tank and how dangerous it was.

Well this is something I saw done in Mexico at Kenny Ranch that he used to have before life became so dangerous across the border.

Out on the patio at the lodge there was a large fireplace with a grill where they cooked steaks on an open fire. The workers would pile wood in it then get it going with gasoline. Yes gasoline. Here’s what they would do. They would cut the top off of an aluminum beer can, maybe like half way down, leaving the can about 3″ tall. Then fill it with gasoline and carefully place it in amongst the wood. The guy would then walk over, strike a match and drop it directly into the can of gas and calmly walk away as a flame would start to build. Within a few short moments the wood would be fully engulfed. After a few minutes the fuel would be burned out and the can completely melted and a nice fire would be roaring.

Of course as the worker would walk over and strike a match every unsuspecting gringo in the area would be fleeing in fear of their lives.

It was explained to me that the vapors, not the liquid is what is so volatile. I guess it’s a good thing we didn’t know this as kids, as I’m sure one of us would have kicked the can over as we tried to light it and caused and explosion.

I would put a video together to demonstrate how this works except I’m still too “skeerd” to attempt it.

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