Pickup Bumper Advertising

Dealerships around the state ordered pickup trucks without rear bumpers. D & D Bumper Works in Seguin, Texas made very sturdy steel bumpers with the dealership name and location stamped in and highlighted with paint. That became a rolling advertisement for the dealership. I guess as long as the buyer would go along with it the dealership had rolling advertising running up and down every highway.

There were perhaps other companies that offered this service, but D & D was the ones that seemed to be most widely used.

3 thoughts on “Pickup Bumper Advertising

  1. Ronnie I am looking for a bumper for my grandfather’s 62 Chevrolet pickup it is about completed the restoration,bought new in Lockhart at the local Chevrolet dealer it had one of these bumpers. Glosserman was the dealer name if any body has a idea we’re to find one send me a message

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