Back in the 70s we lived in Houston for awhile. I would listen to a popular radio station of the day during the afternoon drive time. Many people did.

I don’t remember the call letters, but it could have been KILT, The two guys were Hudson and Harrigan. It was about this time of year.

One said “Well it’s about time to think about winterizing your pipes with the cold weather coming”.

Other one said “How do you go about that”?

“Here’s what I do. I save up my newspapers and when it comes about this time of year I’ll wrap up my faucet in those newspapers, and then I put on 2 pairs of pants.”

You could just about tell which cars driving down the Southwest Freeway were listening to Hudson and Harrigan, because many drivers were laughing, causing them to drive erratically.

I always think about this story when winter is coming.

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