Cec Got Caught In A Tight Place

Cec bought a 1960 Ford Falcon when they first came out. He drove the heck out of that little ol car. It eventually became Bonnie Gay’s car after he got the new worn off of it.

These were the days when we lived in Jollyville area but would come to Smithwick every weekend to take care of the place and see too the animals.

The Falcon developed a bumping sound up in the front end. He could see a shock absorber was loose. He got the bumper jack out, one of the tall stand type jacks that were just waiting to slip and hurt someone. When he got it jacked up he crawled in over the top of the tire so he could reach the loose nut and bolt.

Something about rocking back hard on the wrench shook the car just enough to cause it to fall off of the jack. The problem wasn’t completely that it fell off the jack and pinned him between the tire and the wheel well, it was that Kenny and I had gone off playing out of earshot of his yelling.

Best we could ever figure out he wasn’t trapped more than 15 or 20 minutes, but the way he carried on you would have thought it was much longer. I’m sure his life flashed across his mind a few times.

We finally came back around there to see what a predicament he was in. Nothing we did in getting the car jacked back up and off of him was hardly to his liking. Of course us both being scared to death, not knowing for sure if we wanted to be hanging around once he was free, didn’t help us in getting it jacked safely up off of him.

Lots of decision making in a short period of time. I’m not sure we made the right move. We should have got it up and gave him some relief, then got some promises out of him for our own well-being. I think he was so out of breath that he didn’t feel much like coming after us. But there was always going to be next time.

One thought on “Cec Got Caught In A Tight Place

  1. My first ever car was a 1960 Falcon. It was really my brother’s car, but he’d gon off to the army and I was 16, so I got to use it. I’ve never had another car that was so easy to work on, nor one that needed so much work, either.

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