Kenny Lewis; Driving In Mexico

Back a few years ago Kenny had a ranch in Mexico. It was just a little ways out of Ciudad Acuna, the Mexico counterpart to Del Rio, Texas.

There was a large group of guys there one weekend to hunt. A couple of high powered attorney’s, a banker and a few other business men. A very diverse group at that, in age and demeanor.

Kenny had a full staff that worked the kitchen and lodge, but he decided that a trip into town on Saturday night would liven things up, as if it needed to be livened up. So he let the gals in the kitchen off and all of us crowded into Kenny’s double cab pickup and my Suburban for the 20 minute drive into the center of Acuna to a famous steakhouse.

We got there, in no direct fashion. There was a fairly good highway from the ranch to town but once we entered town it was one big maze of small streets and alleyways getting to our destination. We would hardly make it two blocks without turning. But as long as I stayed right with him it wasn’t too bad. We finally arrived for our feast.

One of the strange things about me, I do things sometimes just as a test of myself. About 11 months before this trip I decided to stop eating meat. I wasn’t trying to go vegetarian or any thing, it was more of a challenge to see if I could do it. I wasn’t fanatical about it. If I went in a place that cooked their vegetables with bacon in them, I didn’t pick out ever speck of bacon, I just held to the practice the best I could.

When we got inside Manuel’s, a very upscale restaurant, it became evident I was going to leave hungry if I didn’t consume some carne. So if I was going to give in and order a steak, I might as well order the biggest baddest thing on the menu. When the food arrived it was one of the biggest steaks I’d ever laid my eyes on.

I went to work on it and ate the whole thing. About the time I finished eating it occurred to me that I may have over done it a bit. Just in case anyone reading this ever decides to go 11 months without eating meat, you will do yourself a favor to ease back into meat eating.

After paying and leaving all I could do was think about getting back to the ranch and laying my body down. Not feeling so good, I still decided I’d drive.

Kenny decided to have a little fun on the return trip. He thought it would make memories for all concerned if he would jazz the trip up a bit. Since he was totally familiar with Acuna, it had been his second home for a few years, he decided to take us down a few one way streets the wrong direction, many at high speeds, just to see if I could keep up. When he’d get to an intersection with a bunch of oncoming cars, he would make a quick turn, leaving me facing an onslaught of headlights and blaring horns.

Being the gentleman he was, he would wait up until I could sort out the mess and continue on and catch up, just to do the same thing all over again. We finally separated and managed to find our way to the ranch on our on. It certainly was a memory making adventure.

After getting to the ranch I was sick all night and the next day too. I was ready for that trip to conclude.

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