The Day Of The Ugly Phone Call (that I wrote about yesterday)

It’s funny how well I remember that day. We had bought the Old Drug Store Building in Bertram. We occupied the upstairs, where there were 7 rooms.

I didn’t have an office myself, because I didn’t really need one. There was someone hired to do every office type job. Besides that I have a habit of talking way to loud and being disruptive to others trying to get something done.

The whole bottom floor was empty. I had several people that had asked me about renting it and none of them had sounded to me like something that would ever go over in Bertram. Or I knew they were starting something on a shoestring and a prayer and It had no chance of working.

One day I brought in a desk and set it out in the middle of the floor and put a couple of side chairs there that people could come and sit down in. Now I could easily dismiss people wanting to rent it by claiming that it was my office.

I was sitting there all reared back in my office chair that day that the feller called and I unleashed on him. Here’s that story just in case you missed it.

I didn’t leave it my office for all that long before someone, actually it was the preacher woman over at the Methodist Church mentioned that we had grown so much that we couldn’t all fit in the Fellowship Hall anymore. I suggested that I could reconfigure the downstairs, my office, into a meeting space and so we got busy drawing up a plan showing that we could put tables and chairs enough to accommodate 80-100 fine Methodists in there.

So within a few days my office was made into what would serve as the Fellowship Hall for the church for the next decade or so. When we weren’t using it for the church, I rented or loaned it out to various people around the area for various parties and other functions.

Then one day we looked up and our little church attendance has shrunk to a size that our Fellowship Hall in the Church Building once again was adequate to handle our church functions. That and a fellow came along that wanted to buy the building from us and eventually the meeting place was to be no more. I guess everything has its season and what was known as the Lewis Building was no more.

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