Being Lucky Is Much Better Than Being Smart, Sometimes

When riding the train from Denver to Moab, Utah a few days ago the little speck on a mountainside appeared. Our docent on the train told us the story of some teenagers, 4 of them that were around 15 years old went for a joy ride, unauthorized by the parent of one of them. The Oldsmobile Station Wagon was stopped by a law enforcement officer. Discovering that none of the kids had a drivers license, he made the decision to let them go, but insisted that one of the gals would have to drive.

As they headed on their way, down the mountain toward home the young gal missed a corner and went over the side and down the mountain. The car is that speck still resides in its same place all these years later, more than 60 years later.

Look hard, it’s below the large tree and beside the next largest one.

That all looks pretty scary. I took one hurriedly which was farther away. There is an 18 wheeler on a road above in the photo below. It gives you some idea of how tall the mountain is.

All four of the teens made it out alive. Supposedly unharmed. Well maybe the young man that took his parents car may not have been as lucky once he was home with Dad. But most likely Dad was so very thankful that the car didn’t roll all the way to the bottom.

I bet that cop got chastised for his actions that night. I wonder how that would go in today’s world.

3 thoughts on “Being Lucky Is Much Better Than Being Smart, Sometimes

  1. If your train was the California Zephyr, I join you in having enjoyed the ride. We took that in August, all the way from San Francisco to Chicago. Beautiful (except maybe Nebraska, but it crosses that state in the dark).

    Good trip, good reporting, and good interpreting.

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    1. We were on the newly started Rocky Mountaineer’s run from Denver to Moab Utah, a 2 day sightseeing train. We stopped for the night in Glenwood Springs.
      Once we got to Moab, we flew back to Denver.

      It was only it’s 6th run.

      They run several trains up in Canada. About 10 years ago we got on one in Calgary, and traveled over to Vancouver. We stay the night in Kamloops I think. That was a great trip to really see the country.


      1. Trains are like that. You really get to see stuff. And one that’s not tied to a schedule (as Amtrak trains nominally are) gives you more time to do other things, like your night in Glenwood Springs.

        We’ll have to keep those in mind.

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