The Lost Fuel Truck

We were down in Houston working many years ago. I had a cousin, Butch Martin working with us. He had an old friend from Austin that was needing a job, so we found a place to fit Wilber in. He was an equipment operator and he also served as our fuel truck driver, which was just a part time gig. Butch and Wilber each had a bit of a drinking problem, and always found a joint to call home everywhere they went.

One Monday morning when we showed up for work and Wilber was missing in action. We didn’t think that much about it. We hadn’t considered that Wilber would be a long term part of the grand plan.

Sometime that day or the next, we discovered the fuel truck was missing. We turned it into the Sheriffs Department. It was a few days later that we got a call that the truck had been found. It was over in South Austin, undamaged with the key in the ignition. We had someone in Austin go over and pick it up.

It was setting back behind a bar, The Horseshoe Lounge. That was strange, because that’s where Butch and Wilber hung out when they were in Austin. Imagine the chances of that happening!

When the credit card statement came in at the end of the month, we could track Wilber’s credit card purchases from Houston all the way to the Horseshoe. He hadn’t gotten too carried away with his spending, so we didn’t bother pressing charges. We tried to look on the bright side. We were finishing up in Houston and didn’t have to pay someone to bring it back up to Austin. But Wilber didn’t know that.

Never heard another word out of Wilber.

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