Grease, The Movie And David’s Mishap At The Marble Falls Rodeo

The year was 1978. It was July, Rodeo Time in Marble Falls.

Shirley, my sister in law was staying with Madeline and me in Austin. The movie “Grease” had just been release. We had a 4 year old Matthew and a 1 year Michael.

Shirley was wanting to see John Travolta swiveling his hips, so it was decided that I was a better choice to accompany her to the movie down on Riverside Drive, than to stay home and keep order with those children.

We were sitting there enjoying the movie when a theater worker came down the aisle announcing our names.

Ronnie Lewis – Shirley Jordan ………..Ronnie Lewis – Shirley Jordan

Ronnie Lewis, your wife is in the lobby.

You haven’t lived until that pronouncement comes about in a dark theater. We get up and go to the lobby where we meet up with a distraught Madeline. I can only imagine what everyone in theater was thinking.

My brother in law David was being transported by ambulance to the Brackenridge Hospital from the Marble Falls Rodeo after the horse he was riding planted him into the fence during the Wild Horse Saddling event.

I don’t think he was seriously hurt, but it scared the dickens out of all of us. If memory serves me correctly they evaluated him and sent him home that night.

I think that brought David Jordan’s rodeo career to a halt. I’m not sure that I ever got around to seeing the rest of Grease.

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