Just So You Know

I have several people that follow me here on Angora Chronicles, WordPress Addition.

All of these story’s end up on my FB Group, The Angora Chronicles. If you are a member of Facebook, please join us. Many times my true stories based from here are made much better with the comments from others on FB.

The Facebook Group is almost 7 years old and has around 2400 members.

I started using WordPress a couple of years ago, as it was a way to add pictures throughout the story, instead of just attaching them at the end. It gives me a much better look, since it has much more flexibility than FB.

My main objective was to have better control over my own content and not leaving it entirely up to Facebook. I have feared that I’ve day my whole group could disappear from FB and these many stories would be lost.

I am hopeful that WordPress improves the search field capabilities. You have to spell out the search perfectly it appears. So to circumvent that, once they go on FB, I can search my Angora Chronicles Group there and find specific stories I’m looking for and see the exact title spelling.

It is my hope that I can continue to carry my stories over to books. When that tine comes it will be easier to capture them from here to go into a self-publishing site. There is already one book, aptly names The Angora Chronicles, volume one. It has 67 of the early stories that I wrote. I don’t have an accurate count but I believe there are over 1500 stories, which will fill many books

My book hasn’t been a huge commercial success. This is all just a hobby for me and was started to leaving some behind for my children and grandchildren.

So I find it much more satisfying to keep a few books in my truck and give them away to friends, old and new.

My endeavor in telling my stories has encouraged several others on the group to write their stories. Then I’ve help them with self-publishing their books.

If we don’t tell our stories, it’s not very likely anyone else ever will.

Below his how The Angora Chronicles all came about;


6 thoughts on “Just So You Know

  1. Thank you for this sentence: “If we don’t tell our stories, it’s not very likely anyone else ever will.” I’m engaged to put together a book of 100 stories, have aleady made a list of most of them, and even have a “story teplate” or 2 in the computer to aid in composing and editing them, but I can’t get myself to begin writing. Thanks

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    1. When my first book was self published, I went through CreateSpace.
      Amazon has bought that company and merged it with Kindle Direct Publishing which works much the same way.
      As you dump your writings into that program, it helps you format and keep it all going. But even a county boy from Smithwick Texas can do it.
      And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to publish a book doing it this way.

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      1. I used smashwords, which is possibly cheaper, but not easy to use. I even did one for Barnes & Noble “Nook”. When I realized that I had nothing of interest to say or publish, I took the “nook” down, and effectively abandoned the smashwords books (there were 7). Should I go the self-publish route in the future, I’ll take your advice.

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