Men Never Stop To Ask For Directions ……….or at least that’s the reputation we have

Once when Madeline and I were newly married we decided to go to Six Flags in Arlington. I was somewhat familiar with the area so I figured I could drive right to our hotel without looking at a map. I admit that once we got close I became slightly disoriented. I may have driven in a circle for a moment.

It was late and Madeline wanted me to stop and ask for directions, which wasn’t something I would have ever done. I had her busy looking at a roadmap while I drove.

Finally, exasperated she said “pull in here and I’ll be happy to go in and ask for directions”. Her being busy looking at the map didn’t pay attention to where we were. So I pulled up under the canopy of a convenience store / gas station and she went in to ask for direction.

I knew I was in trouble when the store worker lead her back outside saying “lady are you blind” as he made a 270° swing with his arms showing that we were in fact at the Roadway Inn that formed a complete horseshoe around the convenience store and we were sitting right below a huge Roadway Inn sign.

My ever so innocent wife got back in the car and I think she only uttered one word the rest of the night.


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