Finger Pointing

I have a young man, Luis, working around the place making things look pretty.

I went and bought him a brand new chainsaw not long ago. I purchased the cheapest one I could lay my hands on, because, let’s say I wasn’t expecting him to be the most careful with it. No need screwing up a $500 saw when you can do the same thing with a $130 saw.

It was a Craftsman brand and required the use of 40:1 gas mixture, instead of 50:1 like most other 2 cycle engines. I bought the premixed cans of gas, so we didn’t take a chance on putting the wrong gas in it.

He used it a few hours or it may have been more like a few minutes and it wouldn’t run any longer. I started blaming myself for buying the cheapest thing in could find. That hardly ever works out.

We went and got him a new Stihl this time. At least it won’t crater because it is the cheapest saw made.

I reached for the can of 40:1 gas can so I could get it out of site and not confuse him. Playing it safe.

That’s when it was pointed out to me, by my main man Kris Griswold that I had bought 4 cycle gas (with no oil in it) instead of 40:1.

I’m blaming it on these poor old tired eyes.

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