A Visit From The Jehovah’s Witnesses

One Sunday afternoon I was sitting around the house, with my three younger sons. They were all still in school, but big teenagers by that time.

We looked out as a minivan drove up and parked in the circular drive out front. We all four went out to see what they wanted. Not usually how we greeted folks, a whole hoard of Lewis’s, but we all ended up facing off with a young, mid 20’s guy and older fellow, maybe in his 70’s.

They had papers in there hands, and gave us all some pamphlets that we could read. The younger one started talking to us about God and I guess he was witnessing to us. The old fellow was more of a stander and listener than a witnesser.

Finally he said, your name is Lewis. “Do you happen to know Cecil Lewis from Smithwick”?

I told him I did in fact know him real well. He told some stories about him and Cecil and some trades they’d made over the years.

The younger fellow was wanting to witness and me, the three boys and the old man just wanted to tell and hear Cecil Lewis stories.

He told about Cecil coming to borrow $4,000 from him for a 3 Card Monte Game in San Antonio. Yes, Bill Dorfmiester had left San Antonio with a young wife in tow and retired to Kingsland. He had found a church to attended and I suppose he was being shown how to go out and witness to folks. I’m not sure he got a passing grade that day.

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