Hidden Talents

I confess that I actually have very few true talents. But I do have the ability to think very fast on my feet. In situations like while driving and taking sudden evasive measures to avoid an accident. There is no real way to measure that knack. But I have narrowly escaped many more accidents than I have actually been involved in.

I’m not sure that wiggling my ears is really a talent, but I’ve amused people, mostly kid passengers in adjacent cars at red lights and such. I find that I’m losing that ability with age. I guess I’ve lost some muscle tone in my ears right along with other parts of my body.

Probably the one thing I’ve most been able to do for my entire life, when I was as skinny as rail or as big around as a barrel, I’ve been able to perform like a belly dancer. But I reserve this ritual dance for the amusement of my grandkids. It truly is a sight to behold.

There will not be an accompanying video with this story.

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