The Mansfield Dam

Kenny had been away in the Army for several years and when he returned he came to work with us. We were working in Austin, several locations.

He and I were coming down Red Bud Trail where it crosses the low bridge just below the Tom Miller Dam. Kenny, the passenger, was taking in all the sights of Austin, marveling at how things were growing in the little town where we had spent much of our early years.

As we wound down the hill and headed across the bridge I looked up at the dam and saidDang Kenny, isn’t it strange how things change as we get older. Remember how when we used to drive along here and look up at the Mansfield Dam, it appeared to be the biggest piece of concrete anywhere”.

He agreed and put in his 2 cents worth exclaiming how different it appeared and on and on.

The bridges below each of the dams did give them a similar look and feel. The difference being, Mansfield is several times taller and longer than Tom Miller.

I chuckled inside as we drove on. We soon were driving on through Austin when he turned, looked at me and said “that wasn’t the Mansfield Dam – Dammit”. To which I almost died laughing.

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