Do any of my FB friends fool around with Find-A-Grave much?

I need to find someone that can correct a listing on there for a grave at Smithwick. While looking yesterday at the birth and death dates of the Turkey Bend Women, there was one grave that caused me to run around all afternoon with my tail in a knot.

I couldn’t figure out how 2 of the Hall Sisters were born just a month apart. Then I couldn’t believe that Earlie was older than Mamie. The mysteries I conjured up in my mind were endless. That resolved itself once I figured out a simple entry was incorrect. Earlie’s year of birth was transposed – 1889 instead of 1898.

So if someone knows how to fix that, I sure would appreciate it. The way my mind has been working since in had COVID, I may go right back through this same thing again next month.

6 thoughts on “Do any of my FB friends fool around with Find-A-Grave much?

  1. I was also kind of perplexed by this after reading your story. I thought Aunt Rossi was older than Aunt Mamie, because that’s what I was told. The info on Find a Grave seemed to confirm that. I now think the information I was given originally was incorrect, making the Find a Grave information incorrect also, making the marker correct. I don’t have any documentation or anything, it just kind of made sense. So, thanks for your story, it cleared some things up for me.

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