The Red CCI Jacket

This story was originally written back in August, 2014.

I stopped by my brothers office yesterday. He and his trouble making son Kody were sitting in his office. Of course Kody just had to bring up something about the caps getting handed out that time on the street corners.

I don’t like to mention things around Kenny that get him stirred up, you understand.

He told a story of being at a Liberty Hill football game a few years back and looked over and a old boy had on a Red Carhart CCI jacket on. He didn’t recognize the guy. But he had given out so many, perhaps it was a building superintendent that he didn’t actually know. That happened some times. He kind of kept sidling around till he could see what the guys name was.

It had KENNY on it.

He approached and said “where the hell did you get that jacket from?”

The guy told him that he runs a cafe there in town and some ole boy left it hanging on the back of a chair.

Kenny said “well since it has my name on it and the phone number is right there in big letters you could have called me.”

The old boy had a dumb look on his face. And then Kenny said “I’m gonna be needing my jacket back.”

The guy told him that it’s too damn cold to do without a jacket so he’d give to him after the game.

Kenny agreed but when the game was over the guy cut out for his pickup. Kenny had to run him down to get his coat back.

Here is one of mine from the CCI years we spent together.
(Look at that phone number right in plain sight.)

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