It’s Strange The Things We Remember

It’s been almost 40 years ago that I walked into G & L Stationers on South Congress. They were in a building just north of where the Night Hawk Restaurant was at So. Congress & Riverside Drive in Austin.

I had decided it was time to put a distinctive mark on my company. They had a graphics designer that worked with me to make a company Logo. I still remember his name, Duane Kelly. In just a few minutes he was putting the finishing touches on the big LC that would grace our new sign out front of the office on Montopolis Dr, as well as the doors of our trucks, our business cards and our stationary for all these years. The only difference was in the beginning it was a Caterpillar Yellow & Black symbol. About 20 years ago the yellow was dropped in favor of a light tan and sometime white background.

While it will never be what the Golden Arches are for McDonalds, it has served us well for all these many years.

2 thoughts on “It’s Strange The Things We Remember

  1. Professionals in any field are worth what they cost. I’ve done too much shoddy work on my own along the way, and seen others do a poor job of what I’ve built up a professional “polish” in my own field. Thanks for the reminder to pay rather than Do it Myself and spend the aftermath retrofitting.

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