Not Being Easily Embarrassed

My wife swears she has only seen me embarrassed one time. It was 20 something years ago, when I was out in the sun a lot and my skin was very dark. As suntanned as I was, my face lit up like Santa’s suit.

It so happened that one day in our office I barged in on an office worker nursing her new born son, even after Madeline told me not to go in that room. I thought she meant that I would wake up a sleeping baby, “so don’t go in there”.

Well that wasn’t the only reason for me not going in there, evidently. Once through the door, I felt the sudden flushed feeling in my face, maybe my whole body. That certainly wasn’t the first nursing baby I’d ever seen, it was just the first and only time I’d seen that baby nursing.

Once I got back out in the hallway and started to catch my breath, my wife was there just shaking her head.

I’m not sure but I think I left the building and didn’t return until that child was weened.

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