Color TV Made It To The Lewis Household

All the way through high school we watched a black and white television. After I got out into the working world, but still hanging out mostly in Smithwick, I decided it was time we had a color TV. I went up to Crawford’s Appliance and TV to purchased a Zenith TV, a nice size one by the measures of 1970 TV. I brought it home, or possibly they deliver it.

We never had watched all that much TV before, maybe an hour here or there. Having that color TV changed everything. Bonnie and Cecil were hooked. They watched it every minute they could. I guess I didn’t realize that my schedule didn’t allow much time for that. Usually by the time I got home, the stations had all shutdown for the night with nothing to see but the test pattern.

A few months later it was time for Madeline and me to marry and for me to load up my things and move on.

The Crawford daughter, Glynis informed me that Crawford’s never sold Televisions. I could never argue ththat

I didn’t have the heart to grab up that Zenith and hit the door, so one of Madeline and my first purchases was a new, even bigger cabinet style Sylvania. It was the first thing that we financed together. We bought it down off of Burnet Road, it could have been McNair’s. That television set made it for at least our first decade of marriage.

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