Prickly Pear Jelly

Whomever thought I couldn’t be domesticated, may have another thought coming.

I turned a big heaping bowl of prickly pear tunas into 12 beautiful jars of tasty jelly.

On top of that, I even cleaned up after myself.

One caveat to all that. Just because you have on a pair of thick dishwashing rubber gloves doesn’t mean you can’t still get stickers in your fingers.

Please forgive me. It’s not exactly like I did it all by myself.

I did consult with Madeline to be sure I was headed in the right direction. Just so I’m perfectly clear.

My wife made a batch a few days ago. She cooked her pear fruit on the stove top. Her’s is a lighter color. Mine were cooked in a pressure cooker, extracting more of the color from red fruit. Both jelly’s have almost the same taste.

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