Some Days It Goes From Bad To Worse (June 2020)

The day seemed bad when you can only see a little bit of the Cab and Blade on a D-8 showing.

Then you bring in a Cat 349 Excavator to dig it out.

Now there are 2 truck loads of crane mats, a Cat 385 and 4 more D-8 winch dozers on the way to rescue this mess.

Well they got it all worked out and have moved right along since June 2020 Tesla Gigafactory

Concept Drawing of Finished Building

3 thoughts on “Some Days It Goes From Bad To Worse (June 2020)

  1. Well I posted on Facebook. After a week, they were able to pump all the water and quick-sand out from around it and brought in a huge crane and lifted it out and set it on a truck to be hauled in for needed repairs.

    Perhaps I’ll have time later to update the WordPress version.


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